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 General Information about WSCC

  • WSCC act's as the governing body for sanctioned Corvette activities such as:

    • Car Shows
    • Rallys
    • Autocrosses
    • Fun Runs and Social Events

  • We establish and support uniform groundrules and competition codes for events.
  • We recognize top competitors through year-end awards.
  • We host an annual Convention of participating Clubs.
  • We publish a regular newsletter called REDLINE .


THE COMPETITION CODE contains procedural advice and rules on how to run a number of events in a safe and competitive manner. The competition code and all competitive forms is published on the WSCC website. The rules book is updated annually and each member is provided a copy via the website. Note: A sanctioning form for events is on the WSCC Website as well, which is required to sanction certain events in order to get insurance coverage and your event is then posted on the WSCC Calendar of events. Contact the WSCC Events Director for more information regarding the sanctioning form.

THE CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS define the duties of the Executive Board Officers as well as the process for being elected to the E-Board. In addition to recruiting new member clubs and sponsors/advertisers, the E-Board appoints committees to review and update the Competition Code, Constitution, and By-laws.

THIRD PARTY LIABILITY INSURANCE, in the amount of two million dollars or more is provided to cover organizers of events for all Council sanctioned events i.e.: any club event which is not specifically outside the coverage of Council activities. Insurance coverage for the organizers of events is a critical feature and most "sites" which agree to let us use their land for our events will ask to see proof of insurance. Some will also ask to be listed as "additional named insured" parties; this is part of our service. The cost of insurance to individual clubs for individual events is normally prohibitive. By coming together in one body, we can afford the coverage we need.
There are always a lot of questions about our insurance policy. The concept of insuring ourselves against suits is considerably different from the normal concept of insuring our vehicles against damage. Your own vehicle insurance covers "damage" issues. The Council insurance policy covers clubs (as organizers) against suits up to $2 million. We have the most inexpensive insurance you are going to find. Your Council membership normally covers what you would pay to buy comparable insurance on your own - likely for just one day, let alone the entire year. These costs impact the operating budget, so your Executive Board is always looking for better rates and plans out there. Contact the WSCC Events Director for more information regarding the WSCC’s events and insurance policy.

THE COMPETITIVE SERIES consists of the WSCC Slalom/Autocross Series, WSCC Car Show and Concours Series, and the Rally Series. By combining the efforts of the individual clubs to host single events, a whole annual series can be arranged. THE REDLINE is the Council's newsletter. While the name has changed over the years, the purpose remains unchanged. It provides information on the competition and social events as well as keeping members up-to-date on what's happening with other important Corvette activities, like the National Corvette Museum. The Redline is published four times a year and takes a large amount of elbow grease from our editor. The Redline is published both in hard copy and in electronic format for downloading from the WSCC website. Members are invited and encouraged to contribute to Redline - it is your publication! The costs of the Redline, production and mailing, also account for a significant amount of your membership fee. We attempt to offset some of the costs through paid advertising. Remember, the Redline is an integral part of the Council in maintaining contact between clubs.

QUARTERLY BUSINESS MEETINGS for the Council clubs are held at various locations. The Council meets to conduct the business of the Council in a manner that permits clubs to have their input and to help guide the next year's activities. Club Representatives speak on behalf of their clubs and each club has an equal vote, whether they have 100 members or 10. The selection of a club representative to the Council is an important decision for your club. Important Note: Attendance at quarterly meetings by delegate or proxy (WSCC Form 5) is mandatory. Non-attendance of two successive Council meetings by the club will result in loss of voting privileges for the remainder of the year.





are the Executive Officers of the Council and are elected by Council clubs for a two-year term of office, they receive no salary for their services although they must comply with the rules and regulations set forth in the Constitution and By-laws of WSCC. The Council as of February 2010 has 31 clubs and over 1,500 members.

There is no WSCC office; we have a PO Box for the purpose of receiving mail and a website to promote events and provide our members with related information. The WSCC By-laws, Constitution, Competition Code, and all related WSCC Forms are on the WSCC website . The current copy of the Redline is posted on this site as well.

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Corvette Museum


Corvette Museum 
The Western States Corvette Council is a very strong supporter of the National Corvette Museum and we encourage individual and club membership to the NCM.


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