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2016 Event Results
 TitleCategoryModified DateSizeClicks
Traction Action 2 - 8/7/16Auto-x8/12/201660.83 KB228
Tire Fryer 08/27/16Auto-x9/7/2016457.72 KB175
Traction Action 8/6/16Auto-x8/12/201660.55 KB260
Vette-O-Rama 46 (Corrected 7-9-16)Car Show - Type 17/9/2016209.08 KB269
Vette Magic Car ShowCar Show10/3/2016216.51 KB169
Chuck's Chaos 9/10/16Auto-x9/14/201664.78 KB207
Chuck's Chaos 2 - 9/11/16Auto-x9/14/201657.47 KB192
Mad Cow Auto X June 25, 2016Auto-X7/5/2016361.79 KB280
SCC Corvette Spectacular 09/18/2016 (Corrected)Car Show10/10/201694.73 KB142
NCCA LEGENDS ON DISPLAY 36 4.24.16Car Show7/7/2016213.98 KB227
Year End Awards
 TitleCategoryModified DateSizeClicks
2015 WSCC Awards Winner PicturesAwards2/16/20165.82 MB437
2015 Competition Series Award WinnersAwards (all)11/29/2015260.34 KB465
WSCC 2013 Year End AwardsAwards (all)3/25/20143.02 MB634
2013 Year end resuts (Consolidated) 12/27/201346.03 KB638
2013 Year End AwardsCar Show3/13/20131.32 MB1001
2013 Year End AwardsAuto-X3/13/20131.42 MB978
2012 Year End Awards WinnerAll Events1/22/201369.27 KB862
2011 Year End Awards WinnerAuto-X & Car Show12/23/2011131.70 KB1119
2010 Awards Winners ResultsCar Show & Auto-X4/26/201125.47 KB1348
2010 Awards WinnersAuto-X4/26/20111.74 MB1106
2010 Awards WinnersCar Show4/26/2011989.48 KB1104
2009 Award WinnersCar Show & Auto-X7/14/201052.57 KB1297
2008 Award Winnerscar Show & Auto-X7/14/2010146.85 KB1254
2007 Award WinnersCar Show & Auto-X7/14/201064.66 KB1487
2007 Award Winners Car ShowCar Show7/14/20102.29 MB1274
2008 Award Winners Car ShowCar Show7/14/20102.29 MB1274
2009 Award Winners Car ShowCar Show7/14/20103.18 MB1287
2015 Event results
 TitleCategoryModified DateSizeClicks
NCCA LEGENDS ON DISPLAY 36 4.24.16Car Show5/1/2016213.98 KB231
DCC / SCC Auto-X--11-15-15 - Rev. AAuto-X11/17/201587.56 KB419
DCC / SCC_Auto-X--11-14-15Auto-X11/17/2015117.85 KB0
NCCA VETTE MAGIC CAR SHOW 10.2015 (rev 10/23/15)CAR SHOW10/24/2015184.08 KB358
SCC Corvette Spectacular 9-20-2015Car Show9/23/201576.33 KB568
SCC_Autocross--8-22-2015auto-x8/26/2015181.30 KB435
SCC_Auto-X--8-2-15auto-x8/5/2015100.69 KB494
SCC_Auto-X--8-1-15auto-x8/5/2015116.59 KB496
Nord Fjord 78 July 19, 2015Auto-X7/23/2015111.42 KB469
Delta 8 Autocross 7/18/15Auto-X7/21/2015122.65 KB467
Convention Reno Auto-X ResultsAuto-X7/21/201560.25 KB449
SCC Marina Auto-x 6/21/15Auto-x6/23/201548.67 KB560
SCC Marina Auto-x 6/20/15Auto-x6/23/201549.36 KB543
Vette-O-Rama 45Car Show Results6/22/201551.81 KB858
Nord Fjord 77 6/14/15Auto-X6/15/2015134.07 KB566
Delta 7 Autocross 6/13/15Auto-X6/15/2015146.17 KB550
Nord Fjord 76 4/19/15Auto-X5/11/2015137.83 KB741
Delta 6 Autocross 4/18/15Auto-X5/11/2015153.18 KB762
NCCA Legends on DisplayCar Show5/7/2015151.16 KB517
2014 Event Results Minimize
 TitleCategoryModified DateSizeClicks
2014 Year End Award WinnersYear End Awards12/27/201449.48 KB599
SCC Marina Auto-x 9/28Auto-x10/2/201444.38 KB639
SCC Marina Auto-x 09/27Auto-x10/2/201459.23 KB601
SCC Corvette Spectacular 9/21/14Car Show/Park & Show9/24/201472.81 KB609
NBCA Nord Fjord 75 9/14/14Auto-X9/15/201491.25 KB609
DCC Delta 5 Autocross 9/13/14Auto-X9/15/201493.46 KB610
Dublin Car Show Car Show9/8/201421.90 KB581
GPC - Dublin Car ShowCar Show9/7/201413.85 KB567
SCC Traction Action II - 8/24Auto-x9/2/201438.63 KB572
SCC Traction Action I - 8/23Auto-x9/2/201441.68 KB746
NCCA Vette Magic 39 Drag ResultsDrag Racing8/24/2014212.75 KB559
NCCA Vette Magic 39 Car Show / Park & Show ResultsType 1 Car Show / Type 1 Park & Show8/24/2014333.90 KB586
Glass Fantastic IVCar Show8/22/201414.67 KB658
NBCA Nord Fjord 74 8/10/14Auto-X8/11/201488.38 KB653
DCC Delta 4 Autocross 8/9/14Auto-X8/11/2014111.75 KB620
SCC Crows Landing Auto-x 8/2/14Auto-X8/5/201452.80 KB591
NBCA Nord Fjord 73 Autocross 7/27/14Auto-X7/27/201476.27 KB590
DCC Delta 3 Autocross 7/26/14Auto-X7/27/201498.17 KB594
NBCA Nord Fjord 72 6/29/14Auto-X7/4/2014106.18 KB641
Delta 2 Autocross 6/28/14autocross7/3/2014100.02 KB768
Diablo Valley Corvettes Vette O Rama 44 June 14 2014Car Show and Park N Show6/26/2014225.96 KB602
SCC Clutch Klatch 2 - 6/22/14Auto-x7/1/201457.05 KB732
SCC Clutch Klatch 1 - 6/21/14Auto-x7/1/201457.70 KB651
Run To The Lake 2014 Mike R Thompson MemorialType 1 Car Show / Type 1 Park & Show6/10/201475.16 KB659
NBCA Nord Fjord 71 Autocross 6/1/14Auto-X6/2/2014103.43 KB686
DCC Delta 1 Autocross 5/31/14Auto-X6/2/2014103.69 KB685
NCCA A Legend on Display 34 ResultsType 1 Car Show / Type 1 Park and Show8/24/2014332.57 KB677
DCC/NBCA Spring Fling 2 4/26/14Auto-X4/27/2014130.05 KB676
DCC/NBCA Spring Fling 1 Autocross 4/6/14Auto-X4/8/2014118.80 KB857
DCC/NBCA Beginner's Auto-X 4/5/14Auto-X4/8/201426.08 KB621
2013 Event Rsults Minimize
 TitleCategoryModified DateSizeClicks
SCC Burning Car 1 - 10/19/20Auto-x10/24/201362.96 KB986
SCC Burning Car-2 10/20/13Auto-x10/21/201359.85 KB749
NBCA Nord Fjord 70, October 13, 2013Auto-X10/14/201388.88 KB690
VVV Onion Peel 29 October 12,02013Auto-X10/14/2013104.80 KB689
SCC Corvette Spectacular 2013Car Show/Park & Show10/1/201342.04 KB739
GBC Dublin Car Show 8/14/2013Car Show9/20/2013236.11 KB645
DBC Summerfest 2013Car Show9/20/201316.86 KB628
GPC Glass Fantastic Special AwardsCar Show9/20/201321.00 KB643
GPC Glass Fantastic Car Show ResultsCar Show9/20/201336.00 KB667
SCC Tread Dread 8/31/2013Auto-x9/1/201356.94 KB787
Nbca Nord Fjord 69, August 25, 2013Auto-X8/25/201397.64 KB808
VVV Onion Peel 28 August 24, 2013Auto-X8/25/2013116.65 KB987
VM 38 DragsDrag Racing8/16/20136.15 MB638
VM 38 Car ShowCar Show8/16/201316.64 KB0
SCC Braker Breaker 8/3/2013Auto-x8/8/201345.55 KB763
NBCA Nord Fjord 68, July 21, 2013Auto-X7/22/2013107.49 KB799
VVV Onion Peel 27 July 20, 2013Auto-X7/22/2013108.47 KB809
Vette-0-Rama 43Car Show7/20/2013250.74 KB713
NBCA Nord Fjord 67, June 23, 2013Auto-X6/24/201398.52 KB809
VVV Onion Peel 26 June 22, 2013Auto-X6/24/2013118.42 KB904
Legends on Display 33 ResultsCar and Park and Show Results5/28/201354.32 KB0
SCC Tire Fryer 4/27Auto-x4/29/201374.96 KB842
NBCA Nord Fjord 66 4/21/13Auto-X4/22/2013114.67 KB941
VVV Onion Peel 25 4/20/13Auto-X4/22/2013125.49 KB910
April Showers Autocross 4/7/13Autocross4/9/2013134.37 KB908
2012 Event Results Minimize
 TitleCategoryModified DateSizeClicks
CCC Fairfield 9/16/12 1/17/201369.24 KB838
NBCA Nord Fjord 65 October 14, 2012Auto-X10/17/2012108.28 KB1301
VVV Onion Peel 10/13/12Auto-X10/15/2012139.26 KB1167
Corvette Spectacular 9/23/2012 Car Show / Park & Show10/4/201254.73 KB1058
Corvettes at the Lake 5/27/2012Car Show10/4/201286.03 KB890
DBCC Summerfest 9/8/12Car Show9/29/2012101.10 KB910
Glass Fantastic 8/25/2012Car Show9/6/201285.83 KB870
NBCA Nord Fjord 64 August 19, 2012Auto-X8/22/201296.83 KB946
VVV Onion Peel 23 8/18/12Auto-X8/20/2012128.35 KB989
SCC Marina Auto-x Aug 11, 2012Auto-x8/15/201286.92 KB936
SCC Marina Auto-x Aug 12, 2012Auto-x8/13/2012263.30 KB950
Convention Golf TournamentConvention7/30/201223.43 KB871
SCC Marina Auto-x July 22Auto-x7/29/201269.75 KB946
SCC Marina Auto-x July 21Auto-x7/29/201268.25 KB974
Convention Bowling ResultsConvention7/29/201231.84 KB784
Convention Drag Race ResultsConvention7/29/201234.09 KB868
Convention Hospitality Room ResultsConvention7/27/201214.63 KB844
Convention Auto-x ResultsConvention7/27/201236.83 KB899
Convention Park and Show ResultsConvention7/24/201244.63 KB1072
VVV Onion Peel 22 6/9/12Auto-X7/9/2012124.94 KB995
SCC Marina Auto-x June 24, 2012Auto-x6/28/201270.68 KB999
SCC Marina Auto-x June 23, 2012Auto-x6/28/201272.96 KB1017
VOR 42 ResultsCar Show / Park & Show6/27/201263.50 KB0
Legends on Display 32 - May 6, 2012Car Show / Park & Show6/18/201264.40 KB1015
Vette Magic 37 - June 2, 2012Car Show / Park & Show6/18/201289.73 KB1040
Vette Magic 37 - June 3, 2012Drag Racing6/18/2012235.57 KB865
NBCA Nord Fjord 63 June 10, 2012Auto-X6/16/2012116.97 KB1052
SCC Marina Auto-x May 20Auto-x5/22/201243.44 KB1159
SCC Marina Auto-x May 19Auto-x5/22/201245.64 KB1075
NBCA Nord Fjord 62 4/29/12Auto-X4/30/2012137.09 KB1032
VVV's Onion Peel 21 4/28/2012Auto-X4/30/2012154.71 KB1024
VVV/NBCA April Fool's Autocross 4/1/12Autocross4/8/2012147.41 KB1077
2011 Event Results Minimize
 TitleCategoryModified DateSizeClicks
Legends on DisplayCar Show11/29/201148.50 KB987
CCCC Car ShowCar Show11/9/201164.65 KB910
NCCA Vette Magic 36Car Show10/29/201145.50 KB938
NBCA Nord Fjord 61 10/09/11Auto-X10/13/2011123.51 KB1084
VVV Onion Peel 20 10/08/11Auto-X10/13/2011130.42 KB985
SCC Marina 9/25Auto-X9/29/201146.31 KB1117
Corvette SpectacularCar Show/Park & Show9/20/2011111.20 KB1033
Glass FantasticCar Show9/4/201127.00 KB1123
Nord Fjord 60 8-28Auto-X9/3/201142.71 KB1117
Onion Peel 19 8-27Auto-X9/3/201135.93 KB1045
SCC Marina 8/7Auto-X8/9/201144.70 KB985
SCC Marina 8/6Auto-X8/9/201146.39 KB982
Onion Peel 7/30Auto-X8/7/2011216.45 KB1186
NorthFjord 7/31Auto-X8/2/2011237.34 KB1098
Convention Auto-X 7/20Auto-X7/27/201150.18 KB1036
SCC Marina 7/9Auto-X7/15/201150.40 KB1026
SCC Marina 7/10Auto-X7/15/201147.73 KB1031
Vette-O-Rama 41Car Show7/15/201163.50 KB1267
Run to the Lake Show May 29Car Show6/4/201119.61 KB1034
CC Car Show May 22Car Show5/27/201163.88 KB1498
North Fjord May 15thAuto-X5/17/2011192.11 KB1178
Onion Peel Auto-X May 14thAuto-X5/17/2011308.68 KB1228
SCC Marina Auto-X April 30thAuto-X5/9/201150.19 KB1061
NBCA/VVV April Showers 4/23/11Auto-X4/26/201163.27 KB1308
2010 Event Results Minimize
 TitleCategoryModified DateSizeClicks
North Fjord 57 10/10Auto-X10/12/201050.12 KB1282
Onion Peel 16 10/9Auto-X10/12/201051.08 KB1184
Double-Double Auto-X 9/25 Auto-X9/28/201064.90 KB1317
California Cruisers Show 9/12Car Show9/18/201058.50 KB1221
Marina Auto-X 8/7Auto-X9/14/201062.26 KB1285
Corvette Spectacular 8/22Car Show8/30/2010125.32 KB1225
Vette-O-Rama 6/19Car Show8/29/2010271.02 KB1584
North Fjord 56 8/15Auto-X8/19/201048.36 KB1112
Onion Peel 15 8/14Auto-X8/17/201050.91 KB1180
Onion Peel 7/17Auto-X7/22/201050.98 KB1197
Nord Fjord 55 7/18Auto-X7/22/201049.65 KB1190
SCC Marina July 10thAuto-X7/20/2010Unknown570
SCC Marina July 11thAuto-X7/20/2010Unknown589
Vette Magic 6/6Drag Racing7/14/201080.83 KB1140
Vette Magic 6/5Car Show7/4/201051.00 KB1341
Run to the Lake 5/30Car Show7/4/201076.74 KB1320
Summerfest 5/22Car Show7/4/2010152.82 KB1250
Legends on Display 5/2Car Show7/4/201055.17 KB1236
SCC Marina 6/13Auto-X7/4/201050.78 KB1152
Nord Fjord 4/25Auto-X7/4/2010186.90 KB1223
Onion Peel 4/24Auto-X7/4/2010180.90 KB1302
March Madeness 3/21Auto-X7/4/201082.07 KB1233
Marina Mayhem 4/17Auto-X7/4/201054.14 KB1190
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