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2016 Awards Banquet


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WSCC Bylaws Documents & Forms
 DescriptionTitleCategorySize Clicks
WSCC #1Letter From Events Chairman Regarding Sanctions (2016)General Event88.29 KBDownload602
WSCC #2Event Sanction Form (2017)General Event149.16 KBDownload59
WSCC #3Protest-Appeal Form (2015)General Event107.85 KBDownload391
WSCC #4Sweepstakes Judging Sheet (2002)Sweepstakes33.40 KBDownload405
WSCC #5Proxy Form (2013)General176.75 KBDownload147
WSCC #6Concour Judging Sheet (2004)Concours36.72 KBDownload372
WSCC #6AConcour Operability Check (2002)Concours26.77 KBDownload392
WSCC #6BConcour Judging Ticket (2002)Concours16.10 KBDownload390
WSCC #7Newsletter Contest (2004)Newsletter124.01 KBDownload360
WSCC #9Autocross Registration Sheet (2016)Auto-X732.43 KBDownload246
WSCC #9AAutocross Tech. Insp. Sheet (2015)Auto-X107.48 KBDownload600
WSCC #9CSnell Helmet Requirement (2016) 315.96 KBDownload0
WSCC #10Car Show Judging Sheet (2015)Car Show71.96 KBDownload486
WSCC #10ACar Show Judging Ticket (Exterior, 2015)CS & PS36.09 KBDownload389
WSCC #10BCar Show Judging Ticket (Interior, 2015)CS & PS36.00 KBDownload388
WSCC #10CCar Show Judging Ticket (Wheels, 2015)CS & PS36.26 KBDownload367
WSCC #10DCar Show Judging Ticket (Engine, 2015)Car Show36.81 KBDownload374
WSCC #11Park & Show Judging Sheet (2015)Park & Show71.60 KBDownload450
WSCC #12Membership Application (2017)General464.79 KBDownload85
WSCC #13Humanitarian Award Nomination (2004)General11.05 KBDownload377
WSCC #13AHumanitarian Award Instruction Sheet (2004)General61.45 KBDownload352
WSCC #14Lifetime Achievement Award (2008)General25.64 KBDownload368
WSCC #16Event Recap Sheet (2016)General178.87 KBDownload411
Other forms
 TitleCategoryModified DateSize Clicks
WSCC D&O Instructions (2017)PDF12/21/2016283.55 KBDownload74
2016 Awards Banquet Registration Form V3Interactive PDF11/26/2016767.48 KBDownload150
WSCC Competition Code 2016PDF2/26/2016980.38 KBDownload311
WSCC Car Show Judging Guideline PresentationPowerPt5/20/201538.47 MBDownload354
WSCC Car Show Judging Guideline PresentationPDF5/19/20156.53 MBDownload428
WSCC D&O Insurance Application Form (2015)PDF4/28/2015319.08 KBDownload442
WSCC Bylaws 2015PDF3/2/2015355.29 KBDownload406
WSCC Convention Banquet only formPDF3/2/201592.88 KBDownload365
WSCC Change of Address FormWord Document3/2/201559.50 KBDownload401
How to add Event results to the WSCC WebsiteHow to Document3/2/2015557.05 KBDownload997
WSCC Expense Deposit Tracker FormExcel9/12/201463.78 KBDownload436
WSCC Expense Report FormExcel9/12/201441.91 KBDownload472
K&K Incident reporting formPDF6/17/2014878.49 KBDownload581
WSCC D&O Insurance PolicyPDF1/20/2014656.56 KBDownload872
WSCC Logo File for Documents and WebPDF10/31/201266.42 KBDownload1154
How to add Events to the CalenderHow to document7/27/2011434.10 KBDownload1145
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